RAN Collection of Approaches and Practices

Preventing Radicalisation to Terrorism and Violenting Extrimism

Terrorist and violent extremist activities have evolved. Experience proves that they are carried out not only by organised groups but increasingly by smaller groups or even lone actors, who find inspiration in a larger variety of ideologies. The means of recruitment and propaganda take advantage of Internet and social media. Protecting citizens against these threats requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account the different patterns, trends and means of radicalisation, and involves a broad range of partners at local, national, EU level, as well as at international level. This is not only a task for security and law enforcement bodies and cannot be constrained by legislative measures alone.

The European Commission adopted today  a communication that identifies 10 areas where Member States and the EU could reinforce their actions to prevent all types of extremism that leads to violence, regardless of who inspires it. It sets the framework for the exchange of good practices and increased cooperation. Proposed measures include the creation of a European knowledge hub on violent extremism, the development of trainings for frontline practitioners, financial support for projects making use of modern communication tools and social media to counter terrorist propaganda and programmes facilitating abandoning violence and the underlying ideology.

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