What are the main types of violent extremism?

According to the Centre for
the Prevention of Radicalisation
Leading to Violence (CPRLV) in
Canada, violent extremism can
be categorised in four ways:
1) Left-wing violence, such as violent
acts committed by anti-capitalist
groups in order to transform
political systems. This category
can also include violence by
animal rights extremists or
environmentalist groups.
2) Right-wing violent acts, such as
those committed by far-right
groups, often referred to as ‘neoNazi’
groups. Such groups are
motivated by racism and a desire to
defend supposed racial supremacy.
3) Religiously motivated violence,
such as violent acts committed
by extremist Islamic movements,
which often have specific
grievances against Western
governments in relation to
foreign policy.
4) Issue-based violence, such as
violence carried out by groups
concerned with a single issue –
such as abortion or homosexuality.
Incidents of violence have been
perpetrated on a similar scale
by both extreme right-wing and
Islamist groupings in Europe in
recent years. However, this is not
reflected in public perceptions,
since media attention tends to focus
on certain incidents. We should
all aim to become more informed
– recognising that facts can suffer
from distortion in the media, and
terminology can be used that stems
from discriminatory assumptions or
encourages stereotyping

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