ECYC’s SG elected Board member of the Conference of INGOs

Ever heard of the ‘Conference of INGOs’ before? It is the body representing the INGOs (International Non-Governmental Oranisations) enjoying participatory status with the Council of Europe. Taking account of the Council of Europe’s priorities, it decides on policy lines and defines and adopts its action plan. It adopts positions on fundamental issues and may submit them, in the form of recommendations or resolutions, to other Council of Europe bodies, to other international or national institutions, as well as to the media.

In the framework of ECYC’s continuous efforts to advocate for increasing support for youth work and youth workers all over Europe, Rares Craiut, Secretary General of ECYC, was put forward by ECYC for the position of Rapporteur (= Board member) in the Conference. We are very pleased to announce that Rares was elected on January 24th. Congratulations Rares! Risultati immagini per party emoji

In the Conference, ECYC will focus on the work of the Council of Europe in the field of youth and will cooperate with bodies such as the Advisory Council on Youth (AC) and the Youth Department of the CoE.

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