The Invisibles

Departures in Syria: “The Invisibles”, a documentary to understand and spark debate. The film was screened for the first time on Tuesday in front of 200 young Brusselsers, at the KVS (the Flemish National Theater), before a debate launched with young people on this delicate subject. Two young students, a teacher and the mother of a teenager left in Syria … Four eyes meet to try to understand, to explain too.

It’s about listening to those who are not listening enough,” says director Christian Van Cutsem, hence the title “The Invisibles.

I see that in Brussels there is indeed an invisibility on these questions, which concerns young people from lower-class backgrounds, and we would do well to dialogue with them but also to listen to them, so we could point to issues explaining what is happening with these departures in Syria.

This film is conceived as a starting point for initiating dialogue and free speech. “Talking about it with other young people, who are present today and who come from several schools in Brussels, pushes us to continue and to have a more joyous future outlook,” says, for his part, Meram, one of the young actors of the film.

To stimulate the debate to move forward, this is the objective of this film produced by the Brussels Region. A film that comes with an educational file for teachers. For information on obtaining the film and the teaching book, contact: asbl videp

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