The Observatory on Radicalization and Violent Extremism

In recent years, the issues of radicalization and political violence have occupied a lot of place in the media, culture and politics of the entire West. Quebec has seen a significant increase in cases of youth enlisted in armed conflicts abroad, who have been inspired by so-called “jihadist” actors in these conflicts, or who have chosen to join political groups of the far left or extreme right. Paradoxically, they are fueled by extremely radical Islamophobia and xenophobic rhetoric, in an endless loop of feedback.

The Observatory on Radicalization and Violent Extremism (OSR) and the Philosophy, Education and Society Group (PES) have set up a program to counter and defuse extremist discourses leading to violence: the Youth Forum – Thinking democracy differently. A different theme is proposed each year to stimulate discussion and democratic political engagement of high school and CEGEP youth. The idea is to help CEGEP high school ethics and religious culture teachers and philosophy teachers address issues related to political extremism in their courses. in, who are free to use it in whole or in part in their teaching…More

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