Vocvo international training week ‘Education behind Belgian bars’ – Registration open

From Monday 24 April to Friday 28 April 2018, Vocvo (Flemish support center for adult education) organizes an international training week on prison education. This training will provide an idea of how prison education is organised in Flemish prisons. Particular focus will be on interaction between the participants. The main goal is to learn from each other. To facilitate this, we provide you with a view on the Flemish prison education system. This view will be the starting point for further discussion and exchange.


The training week takes place in Mechelen (Belgium) at the offices of Vocvo. There will be 4 visits to prisons in or close to Mechelen. All transportation to the prisons will be arranged.

Who can participate?

The training is organised for teachers and coordinators in prison education in Europe. We welcome different nationalities! Please note that the common language used for this training will be English. Knowledge of the English language (listening and speaking) is needed to take part in this training course.

Meeting in Brussels & Antwerp

This weekend, Chief Executives and Presidents of national and regional federations of youth clubs of 8 countries are meeting in Brussels & Antwerp. The agenda of the meeting includes:
– discussions on European youth work
– presentation of the CoE Recommendation on Youth Work 📜
– visits to youth clubs 👫
– planning a long-term strategy for ECYC 🤔
– sharing on HR management, strategy & structure of federations of youth clubs 📣
– celebrating altogether youth work in Europe
– and much more!

Radicalisation Workshop (Brussels, 2018

The day after the European Commission conference on Radicalisation in Prisons, took place in Brussels on 27 February, EuroPris is organized a one-day closed-door workshop for prison experts on radicalisation on 28 February.

The workshop was interactive, combining presentations from a variety European jurisdictions with (moderated) discussions between the participants and with the speakers.

Due to the nature of this workshop, there are no presentations or notes available for publishing due to the sensitivity of the content.

European Commission Conference on Radicalisation in Prisons (Brussels, 2018)

On 27 February 2018, the European Commission is organising a Conference on Radicalisation in prisons in Brussels, in close cooperation with the Bulgarian Presidency and with the support of EuroPris and the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).

Participants to the conference will be prison and probation experts, judges and prosecutors, international organisations, academics and relevant NGOs.

The objective of the Conference will be to take stock of the state of play of the projects in the area of radicalisation co-funded by the European Commission. The discussions will be focusing on finding responses in the criminal justice sector. Particular attention will be paid to the use of de-radicalisation, disengagement and rehabilitation programmes, risk assessment tools and alternatives to detention, in particular for juvenile offenders.

The European Commission sent on 11 January an invitation letter the national Prison Services to nominate onerepresentative per Member State.

The invitation letter contained a registration link with which the participants must register their presence at the latest by Thursday 25 January 2018

Please find here the provisional Agenda of the conference.